Book Orders

books003We are happy to take orders for books from customers locally as well as in other parts of Ireland and abroad:

If you see a book featured on our web site you can telephone or email us to reserve one or more copies which you can pay for when you visit our shop in Skibbereen.

If what you want is available, we will keep your books for you ready to collect for four weeks. After that we reserve the right to put uncollected books back onto the open shelves for sale as other people may also be waiting for these popular titles.

Can’t find that book that you really wanted? Our computerised Book Finding Service can help. We have major suppliers of books in both Ireland and the UK and can carry out computerised searches of their stocks for you. If the book you want is in print we will do our best to locate an available copy. But remember, even we can’t produce books if the publisher no longer has any copies left!

books004 Want to order a book but don’t live locally? We can mail books within Ireland and to many other countries too. However, as postal charges vary depending on the country concerned, we would prefer to advise you of the cost of postage and packaging before taking your order.

• Help us to help you. It will help us to find your book for you if you can give us as much detail about it as possible. For example, author and title as accurately as you can tell us, some idea as to when the book was published and what the book is about.

To enquire about any book or mail order, or to place an order, or reserve a copy of a featured book, simply contact us

We do like to get the right book for the reader who really wants to read it!